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Automatic Rolling Ball - Interactive Smart Toy for Cats

Automatic Rolling Ball - Interactive Smart Toy for Cats

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Entertain your cat with our Smart Rolling Ball. It moves on its own, providing endless fun for indoor play.

Color: Blue

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Products Details & Specs

Smart Cat Rolling Ball Toys Rechargeable Cat Toys Ball Motion Ball Self-moving Kitten Toys for Indoor Interactive Playing Pet

Product name:Cat animal rolling ball


Size: 41mm

Net weight:39g

Color:light yellow,light blue,cherry blossom pink,Blue

Accessories: USB charging

Applicable objects: cats, small dogs

Attention!!! : Due to different shooting environments and monitor effects, there may be color differences between the picture and the real thing.

Note: "Blue Normal" and "Pink Normal‘'Yellow Normal''Plush Yellow''Plush Pink''Plush Green'is Plush Yellowrdinary calling ball that simulates animal sounds. It contains a battery and does not support USB charging. Other balls require USB charging.

【 Intelligent Interactive Star Rolling Ball Toy for Cats】: Once your cat touches it with its nose or claws, the ball will react. Just press a button and the ball will start rotating 360 degrees, attracting your pet to chase and capture it. The flickering lights rolled like mice. This ball will be your cat's favorite indoor toy.

【 Intelligent obstacle avoidance 】: The Ball is equipped with an intelligent automatic obstacle avoidance sensor. When it encounters obstacles such as walls, chairs, doors, etc., it will automatically flip and leave. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the cat toy ball getting stuck in the corner. You just need to open the ball and let your cat play with it, releasing excess energy.

【 2 modes 】: Normal mode (the toy starts to scroll freely and automatically turns off after 5 minutes), Intelligent mode (press and hold for 3 seconds in normal mode to switch to Intelligent mode. After 5 minutes, the toy automatically turns off and activates when the cat touches the toy, allowing the cat to play at any time). You can press the button to choose between different modes, leave the ball for your cat, and enjoy watching your cat hunt its prey. With a ball, your cat will be happier and more active.

【 High quality materials and rechargeable 】: The cat toy ball is made of silicone, soft and durable, with beautiful and cute colors, easy to attract the cat's attention and play close to. A safe surface can protect cats' teeth and claws. A perfectly sized ball won't scare your cute cat. Charging with USB cable takes only half an hour, and your kitten will enjoy several hours of fun.

【Note】: It is best for the ball to roll on a hard floor, as it may not roll well on a thick carpet.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 120 reviews
Lisa Kunze

Goods well received

Everardo Gulgowski

My cat likes to play with it, but sometimes it just spins in the same spot until somebody moves it.

Hazel Marquardt

This toy emits insect or bird sound when it is set in motion. Important to highlight that it does not move alone. It's a good toy. I recommend it.

Lorenz Predovic

very good 😂 cat stays busy chasing or staring at it

Nickolas Gorczany

I recommend.. My cat loves