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Interactive Slow Feeder Dog Ball with Suction Cup for Dogs

Interactive Slow Feeder Dog Ball with Suction Cup for Dogs

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your large dog entertained and healthy with our Interactive Slow Feeder Dog Ball! Featuring a strong suction cup, durable ropes, and a chew-friendly design, it promotes dental hygiene and slows down feeding. Perfect for energetic breeds.

Color: Blue

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Products Details & Specs

Product: Pet Chew Leaking Toys

Toys Type: Interactive Toys , Ball Toys , Squeak Toys , Ropes Toys

Feature: Multifunction , Food Dispensing Function , Teeth Cleaning , Release Anxiety , Durable , Soft

Fit for Medium Large Dogs(Beagle,Pitbull,Bull Terrier, Golden Retriever,Labrador Retriever ,German Shepherd)


1.This product uses edible TPR as raw material . Even if the dog eats by mistake , it will not cause any harm to the dog, ang will be excreted through feces .

2.If the dog bites our toy at a fixed time every day . it can clean the dental calculus and rice residues in the mouth , and can protect the dog 's oral hygiene . It is recommended to use this product 15-20 minutes each time . Otherwise , prolonged use will be harmful to the dogs health .

3. It's strongly recommended that the dog should be accompanied by the owner when playing with this toy , so that your furry friend will continuously increase his inteligence and relieve daily anxieties .

4. If you use this product for your dog every day , we suggest you that change a new one after 20-30 days , or clean the product every time after using , which will be more beneficial to the dog's health .

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Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Jarret Erdman

Excellent Product employs the dog very good

Loma Pagac

Excellent Product employs the dog very good

Alice Hartmann

My dog loves toys with bells and he loves this. The floor planks are a bit more narrow than the suction cup so it might never adhere as well. I think it would be amazing on tile. I wet it and it stuck, but not for more than a few minutes. Going to clean everything with rubbing alcohol and see if it can do better. As soon as it lifted my dog figured out that the key to getting the ball was getting the suction cup up, little smarty pants. Pretty funny seeing how frustrated he gets though!

Lucie Stark

My dog chewed through the cord in less than ten minutes. She played with the ball a little bit it’s too big for her mouth and she got bored.

Tillman Jenkins

my puppy absolutely loves this toy. sometimes the suction cup pops off depending on floor humidity, but overall awesome product for my mini raptor. fast delivery to Mexico